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The latest music in the clubs of Marina d’Or. Have a drink and dance until dawn. The best fun comes after sunset. And in the Garden Cafe you can enjoy the best shows by our artistic team.


An original atmosphere in this cocktail pub themed as a magical forest in the heart of the Vacation City. You will find nighttime fun guaranteed in this place, the most magical in the complex.


The party accompanies you in this disco until the time you want. The dance floor, to the rhythm of the best DJs, makes the nights at Aqua pure rhythm and fire. The ideal place for those who don't want the night to end.


With the most chic decoration and innovative and spectacular lighting, this nightclub offers you the warmest and, at the same time, refreshing early mornings.


You will find the Garden Cafe within the Marina d'Or Gardens, where you can enjoy the delicious Mediterranean Sea breeze, and at night enjoy an evening with live music and shows .