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A fantasy garden

Where color creates magic and shows make your dreams dance

 Talking trees, fairies, gnomes, fauns... and a spectacular show with the Magic artistic team. Fountains, waterfalls, flowers... enter a garden with a life of its own and full of fantasy. Come meet Rouge, Magic's unicorn mascot who has joined the artistic team and is part of this great show. 

Come and discover this world of illusion and vibrant colors. Every day, our garden comes to life with magical shows that transport you to a dream world. Fairies dance among the flower petals and curious gnomes hide treasures in secret places. Ask the trees, they are wise and always tell the truth.

Download the Enchanted Garden App and enjoy the park like never before!


You will enjoy a

Great Show

Acrobatics, magic, fantasy...

Our artistic group, with extraordinary acrobatic skills, performs performances that defy gravity and transport you to a realm full of fantasy. Every movement, every jump and every turn is meticulously choreographed to create a spectacle that captivates the hearts of young and old.

Don't get lost!

Talking trees

Fairies, gnomes, fauns...

In the Enchanted Garden you will be amazed by a world of illusion, interact with the talking trees, who will be happy to answer you...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring food?

The entry of drinks and food into the Enchanted Garden is not permitted.