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A magical home

Welcome to The Mascots House at Magic World, the place where magic and fun meet the most adorable friends! Enter a charming universe where you can meet the main characters that give life to our magical stories.

From the cheerful Pulpita to the intrepid Captain Hook, the pirate cat Meow with his inseparable friend Tito Lorito, and the charming turtle Dorita. Come meet the Little Mermaid, Poseidon or Magbit the magician rabbit.

Each of our characters has their own story, unique and captivating. But that's not all, you can also meet the new members of our resort's pet family: Rouge, our unicorn full of colors and positive energy, and Magbit, a friendly magical rabbit who has arrived to add a touch of magic to every corner of The Mascots house.

Get ready to live exciting adventures and share laughter with the most endearing characters!

Enjoy in a magical place

Magic World Mascots

unforgetable memories...

In The Pet House, you will not only find endearing characters, but you will also have the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with these adorable creatures. Our goal is to provide you with moments of joy and connection as you immerse yourself in a magical world where fun has no limits.

Visit La Casa de las Mascotas and discover the magic that only Magic World can offer!

Do not lose this chance!

New mascots

Meet the new mascots..

Come and discover the magic that only Magic World can offer. We introduce you to two new members of our pet family! Blush, full of vibrant colors and positive energy, is joy personified. And don't miss Magbit, teacher of the Magic World School of Magic. Magbit has been in the hats of the best magicians in the world and has arrived to fill every corner of our resort with charm and surprises.

At The Mascots House, you will also have the opportunity to take your favorite pet with you. Ask about the pet stuffed animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring food?

The entry of drinks or food is not allowed.